As part of James Hardie's promise to continually deliver improved products, we have made a change to the Scyon™ Axon™ cladding range.

The grooves which give Axon™ it's tongue and groove look will now have a cleaner cut. The top of the groove will remain 10mm wide, however, the new cutting profile means the bottom of the groove will be slightly narrower.

Above: The foreground shows an unpainted sample of the new Axon™ Enhanced groove. Above it is a sample of the current Axon™ groove.

While this new finish is subtly different, we suggest installing old and new sheets on separate walls.

The new Axon™ Enhanced is not considered a new product and codes and pricing won't change. The improved groove will be applied to Axon™ smooth 133mm, Axon™ grained 133mm and Axon™ smooth wide 400mm. New stock will be phased in over a two-month period beginning mid June 2015.

If identification of the products is needed we've taken a few measures:

  • "Axon™ Enhanced" is printed on the back of the cladding sheets.
  • The pallets the Axon™ Enhanced products arrive to Scyon™ distributors on have a red mark painted on them.
  • The plastic covers on the Axon™ Enhanced full pack deliveries have an additional sticker which says "Premium vertically grooved pre-primed panels"
  • If you need further information please contact us on 13 11 03.